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initial service call

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Each of your computers will be labeled with your client number and a number assigned to that system. The label also has our telephone number, for ease in calling for service. A diagnostic program will be run on the computer, which will also internally label it.

The Customer Information Sheet contains information about you and your computer equipment. This information is collected to assist us in providing you the best service possible. It consists of the following sections:
  • CUSTOMER CONTACT INFORMATION - Name of the Primary Client contact, along with mailing and phone data.
  • CUSTOMER BILLING INFORMATION - Name of the person responsible for Accounts Payable, along with mailing and phone data.
  • CUSTOMER PERSONAL AUTHORIZED TO REQUEST SERVICE - Name(s) of those employees that are authorized to request service from MicroMetric, and whether that request should be verbal or in writing.
  • MICROMETRIC SOFTWARE LICENSE STATEMENT AND CUSTOMER AGREEMENT - A statement of MicroMetric's policy on installing software on Client's computers, and the Client's agreement of understanding of that policy.
  • COMPUTER SYSTEM INFORMATION - A census of the client's computer system(s), showing where each is located, the user's name, and a summary of the system's hardware and operating system.