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server maintenance

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Your business server is the crux of your business. Without proper maintenance, something seemingly harmless can put your business down for hours or even days. (See right sidebar)

For as little as $125/month—our experienced technicians will provide the following services:

   Monitor and install Microsoft patches and updates to your server
   Install and verify all virus updates. Check for new virus threats.
   Review and examine your data back-up procedure and logs.
   Examine Application, System and security logs for possible issues.
   Check your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to insure that your server is protected in case of power failure
   Examine hard drive mirrors to insure that data is being stored properly - just in case.
   Includes both off-site system monitoring and a monthly on-site visit.
   A monthly E-Mailed report of the maintenance checklist and findings.

Your business is important to you and keeping your business server up-to-date is important to us.

With scheduled monthly maintenance, MicroMetric, Inc. concentrates on your server so that you may concentrate on your business.