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volume 1 number 5 december 1996 TipSheet

Welcome to the Christmas issue of MicroMetric's TipSheet. This monthly newsletter is targeted at addressing the needs of our customers.

This month we'll begin a series of tips for the Windows 95 Explorer, the best and worst of File Managers.

Tip 37   Explorer definitions Category:   Explorer

Explorer. File Manager in new duds, with a hierarchical view of drives, folders, and their contents.

Tip 38   Launching Explorer Category:   Explorer

To launch Explorer, click on MyComputer, hold down <SHIFT> and double-click. Another method is to Right click on MyComputer, then Left click on Explorer.

Tip 39   Making the Explorer view the default Category:   Explorer

Are you an Explorer fanatic? Do you wish that every folder would open to an Explorer view, without any fancy right mouse button clicking or Properties dialog box finagling? Then make it so. In a Windows 95 window (such as the My Computer window), pull down the View menu, choose Options, and click the File Types tab. Scroll through the list of Registered file types until you see the Folder type, select it, and click the Edit button. Under Actions, select "explore," click Set Default, and click Close--twice. From now on, double-clicking any folder whisks you directly to that coveted, double-pane view. Of course, if you ever need a one-pane folder view, you can still get it. Simply click a folder with the right mouse button, choose Open, and you're back to basics. No more Right click, Left click stuff!

Tip 40   Customizing Explorer Category:   Explorer

Customize Explorer to look and act the way YOU want. Click on View. Now, make sure that both ToolBar and StatusBar are both checked. ToolBar give you tool bar of options just below the Main Menu, while StatusBar places an Explorer Status Bar of useful information at the bottom of the display.

Tip 41   Displaying Details in Explorer Category:   Explorer

While you're still in view, set the way that the Right Explorer pane will be displayed. We suggest setting it to Details, which will give you the greatest amount of information.

Tip 42   Customizing Explorer's right pane Category:   Explorer

To display the full path of a file in Explorer, In any Windows 95 window (but not an application window), choose Options under View, click the View tab, and select the "Display the full MS-DOS path in the title bar" option. Click OK, and take a look at the title bar of any open folder window (or glance down at its spot on the Taskbar). The scoop, the whole scoop, and nothing but the scoop.

Tip 43   Saving Explorer setup changes Category:   Explorer

Make any changes you want to a window's settings, then pull down the View menu, choose Options, and make a change, such as changing your Browsing options. (If you have no desire to change anything, just select an option and then unselect it--the point is to make the Apply menu active.) Click Apply, click OK, and your windows settings will be stuck like glue.

Tip 44   Rename selected item Category:   Explorer

To rename the selected item, <F2>, change name, <ENTER>.

Tip 45   Find a file Category:   Explorer

To find a file in Explorer, <F3>.

Tip 46   Open drop-down folder/drive list Category:   Explorer

To open the drop-down folder/drive list, <F4>.

Tip 47   Refresh/update window Category:   Explorer

To refresh or update a window, <F5>.

Tip 48   Moving around in Explorer Category:   Explorer

The next time you're in an Explorer window and want to jump from the left to the right pane, hit <F6>. Want to go from there to the drop-down list of drives and folders in the Toolbar? <F6> again. And to make the complete loop, hit <F6> one more time. Once you get to your desired location, use your cursor keys to move up or down the lists. (Tip: The down arrow key expands a folder, and the left arrow key collapses it.) Hey, you started out mouse-free, so why not stay that way?

Copyright 1996, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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