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volume 2 number 8 1997 TipSheet

Welcome to the August issue of MicroMetric's TipSheet, which starts our second year of publication.

This monthly newsletter is targeted at addressing the needs of our customers.

This month we'll continue with the series of tips for the Windows 95 Microsoft Power Toys. (See Tip 83, in the May, 1997 TipSheet for instructions on how to get Power Toys.)

Tip 96   PowerToys - Start Menu Find extensions Category:   PowerToys

After installing the Find X (Find Extensions) PowerToy, you'll find four new items on your Find menu. Click Start, choose Find, and you'll see On the Internet, In the Knowledge Base, Address, and E-mail Message in the popout menu. Find X gives you the option of adding any shortcuts you want to your Find menu. Just click the Start button, choose Open, double-click Find, and you'll see the Find folder, where you can add or delete shortcuts at will. For more information on the Find Extensions PowerToy, double-click Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, double-click Find� Extensions, and click Help.

Tip 97   PowerToys - Clock Utility Category:   PowerToys

Double-click the Clock.exe PowerToy (in your Power folder, or wherever you've placed the PowerToy files), choose Analog and No Title under Settings, and you'll see a round clock on screen. To get the title bar and all clock-related commands back, just double-click the clock.

Tip 98   PowerToys - Telephone dialer controller Category:   PowerToys

Telephony Location Selector, designed for people who use the telephone dialer application from several locations (such as a laptop), lets you change your dialing location on the fly. To turn it on, double-click the Tapitna.exe icon (in your Power folder, or wherever you've placed the PowerToy files), and you'll see a telephone-with-a-hand icon on the Taskbar. Right-mouse click on this icon to access your dialing properties or start the Phone Dialer; left-mouse click the icon to choose a dialing location.

Tip 99   Tweak - Description & mouse menu Category:   PowerToys

Without a doubt, the most power-packed PowerToy is Tweak UI. To access this control panel of options, open the Control Panel and double-click the Tweak UI icon. When you choose a Start menu item (or any other menu item) with an arrow next to it, a submenu pops out. You can change the speed at which these submenus appear. Click Tweak UI's Mouse tab and slide the lever under Menu speed one way or the other. To test the current setting, right-mouse click the icon and pick an item in the pop-up menu. When the setting is just right, click OK to make it stick. (Restore Factory Settings takes you back to the default, which is about a half-second delay.)

Tip 100   Tweak - Shortcut to options Category:   PowerToys

Tired of that annoying 'Shortcut to' prefix on every shortcut you create? (Who isn't?) Click the Explorer tab and deselect Prefix 'Shortcut to' on new shortcuts. Click OK, and those annoying words won't bother you again.

Tip 101   Tweak - Shortcut arrow options Category:   PowerToys

If you don't like the little arrow-in the-white-box that appears on top of every shortcut, you can change it or get rid of it altogether. Click the Explorer tab and take your pick of options under Shortcut overlay. You'll see the effect of your choice on the icons to the right. If you select Custom, you'll end up at the Change Icon dialog box, where you can select any icon to replace the arrow.

Copyright 1997, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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