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volume 2 number 9 1997 TipSheet

Welcome to the September issue of MicroMetric's TipSheet.

This monthly newsletter is targeted at addressing the needs of our customers.

This month we'll conclude the series of tips for the Windows 95 Microsoft Power Toys. (See Tip 83, in the May, 1997 TipSheet for instructions on how to get Power Toys.)

Tip 102   Tweak - New list additions Category:   PowerToys

Want to remove an item from your New list--the one that appears when you right-click inside a window or on the desktop and choose New? Click Tweak UI's New tab, deselect an item, click Apply or OK, and it's off the list. To add an item, drag a file of the type you have in mind into the Tweak UI window (still on the New tab) and let go. Tweak UI automatically creates a template for that file type. Click OK, and go check out your New list. It's in there! (If not, check with Tweak UI's template troubleshooter: On the Mouse tab, click Tips to open the Help Topics dialog box, then double-click Troubleshooting and select the first option.)

Tip 103   Tweak - Boot options Category:   PowerToys

Want to remove the Windows 95 logo screen that appears during the boot process without setting foot inside MSDOS.SYS? Click Tweak UI's Boot tab, deselect 'Display splash screen while booting,' and click OK.

Tip 104   Tweak - Add/Remove Software list maintenance Category:   PowerToys

If there's an item you'd like to remove from your Install/Uninstall list (click Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to get to this list), you can do so without going near the Registry. Just click Tweak UI's Add/Remove tab, select an item, and click Remove. Click Yes to confirm, then click OK or Apply.

Tip 105   Tweak - Windows animation options Category:   PowerToys

When you minimize or maximize a window, you get to watch it grow or shrink on screen. If you don't want this window animation slowing you down, turn if off. Select Tweak UI's General tab, deselect Window animation, and click Apply or OK.

Tip 106   Tweak - Clearing history options Category:   PowerToys

Want to clear your Run list every time you log on to Windows 95? Select Tweak UI's Paranoia tab, select Clear Run history at log-on, and click Apply or OK.

Tip 107   Tweak - Desktop icons Category:   PowerToys

Tweak allows you to work with your desktop icons, renaming them or putting them in folders. Just run Tweak and click on the Desktop tab.

Tip 108   Tweak - My Computer Category:   PowerToys

Have some logical drives you don't want to see when you explore My Computer? Tweak has a fix for you! Run Tweak and click on the My Computer tab. Now click the boxes for the drives you don't want to see.

Tip 109   Tweak - Network logon Category:   PowerToys

On a network and tired of pushing [ENTER] to accept your network log on name and password each time you boot? Run Tweak, and click on the network tab. Now click on the auto login box and enter the name and password you want to log on with. Next time you boot up, you'll be logged on automatically!

Tip 110   Tweak - Repair various function Category:   PowerToys

Something broke? Check out Tweak's repair function. Run Tweak, click on the Repair tab, and fix icons, fonts, system files, regedit, or associations. It comes with full help files.

Copyright 1997, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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