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volume 4 number 12 december 1999 TipSheet



You can get anywhere on a Web page without using the mouse. All you have to do is use the Tab key. Each time you press Tab, you'll move to the next URL. If the page you're viewing has more than one frame, pressing Tab will move through all the URLs in the current frame and then switch you to the next frame. To navigate to a selected URL, just press Enter. Of course, you can use the Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and Arrow keys to navigate through a page that's longer than one screen.


Based on recent e-mail, there seems to be a bit of confusion about how to backup the Address Book. Let's put an end to the confusion.

To locate the Address Book file (its location is dependent on where you put it) click the desktop and then press F3 to open Find. Now search Drive C: and its subfolders for *.wab. Copy the file to a floppy in Drive A:. You have just backed up your Address Book.

The default location for the file is \Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book.


A subscriber asks if there's a way to change the location of the Address Book. Yes, there is. However, the only method we know of requires that you edit the Registry. Remember that you can do serious damage to your system if you inadvertently make an error when changing the Registry. It's a good idea to make backup copies of your System.dat and User.dat files before you start messing with the Registry.

If you're ready to begin, click Start, Run and type


then click OK or press Enter. When RegEdit opens, navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\Wab File Name.

In the right pane you'll see the current selection. This is where Microsoft Internet Explorer expects to find the Address Book. To change the folder, double-click the file name icon in the RegEdit right pane. When the dialog box opens, enter the new folder. It's best to retain the file's name--just change the folder. Close RegEdit (Choose Registry, Exit). Restart the computer to enable the change.

Note: Your Address Book must be in the new location. If no Address Book is there, Mail will create a new empty book.


In a previous tip we showed how to change the location of your Address Book file. R.K. wants to know if there's a way to change the name of the default Address Book. He wants to use an Address Book from a notebook computer and would like to make it the default Address Book. There is a way to change the name of the default Address Book but, like the Address Book location change, you need to use RegEdit. If you really need to change the Outlook Express default, be careful and click Start, Run, then type regedit

and press Enter. Navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\WAB4\Wab File Name.

In RegEdit's right pane, double-click the default icon and enter the new name. Make sure you get the name and path correct and click OK. The name should look something like: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\MyNew.wab

Close RegEdit (choose Registry, Exit). Restart the computer, and your new Address Book will take effect.

Copyright 1999, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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