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volume 4 number 6 june 1999 TipSheet

Welcome to the June issue of MicroMetric's TipSheet.

This monthly newsletter is targeted at addressing the needs of our customers.

This month we'll lead with info on Windows 98, Second Edition, then continue the multi-part series of tips on Disk Storage.

Tip 262   WINDOWS 98, SECOND EDITION Category:   Win98Benefits

Not quite right the first time? No problem, just try a Second Edition.

Just released to OEM's - we should have it in stock for new systems the first week in June, it updates Windows 98 by incorporating easier Web browsing, improved support and connectivity for hardware devices and the ability to create a home computer network.

Windows 98 Second Edition includes the Internet Explorer 5 browser, which improves your ability to find Web sites and store them easily into your favorites folders. When you move up to Second Edition, you'll also get NetMeeting 3, the collaboration and conferencing software that allows you to share audio, video and files with family, friends and colleagues around the world.

Your computer is just part of the "wired" experience. Maybe you'll want to plug in a scanner to send a photograph to a friend, attach a joystick to play games or hook up your video camera to edit the shots. Windows 98 Second Edition includes enhanced support for hardware devices complying with industry standards. For the technically minded, the beefed up support is for devices that meet Universal Serial Bus, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface and IEEE 1394.

Got two computers at home? You don't have to invest in two Internet connections, printers and the like. Windows 98 Second Edition has built-in software that, when used in conjunction with a home network kit, allows you to create a mini-network of PCs. By linking one or more older PCs to a computer equipped with Windows 98 Second Edition, the kids can share a high-speed modem, printer, scanner and other peripherals connected to your machine.

The new feature is perfectly timed to coincide with the boom in home networking, and could spell trouble for third-party connection-sharing product developers. If you're a conscientious Windows upgrader, however, Internet connection sharing may be the only compelling reason to update to Second Edition. Many of the remaining major additions--including the Dial-Up Networking 1.3 update, DirectX 6.1, Internet Explorer 5, and some noncritical security and year 2000 fixes--are already available online.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, Internet Connection Sharing will not be available as a download. Other features new in Windows 98 Second Edition that won't be available online include Dial-Up Networking support for ATM networks, support for Universal Serial Bus modems, device bay peripherals, and a new version of WebTV that fixes interface bugs and supports more TV tuner cards.

Watch for an announcement on the Microsoft Web site in June as to where you can purchase the complete Windows 98 Second Edition online. Users who are already enjoying the benefits of Windows 98 will be able to download technical fixes from the Windows Update Web site or these fixes can be purchased. No new features are included in this update, but a CD with all features should be available for $20-30.

Tip 263   HOW MUCH FAT-TER CAN YOU MAKE YOUR HARD DRIVE? Category:   Win98Benefits

Want to know how much hard disk space you could regain if you switched to Windows 98 and converted to the FAT32 file system? (In case you haven't heard the scoop on FAT32, it stores files on your hard disk in smaller clusters than the older FAT16 file system, resulting in less wasted space.) Download the FAT32 utility and find out. Point your Web browser to

and click Download the FAT32 Utility. When the download is complete, extract the contents of Fat32.exe to your location of choice, then double-click the resulting Fat32win.exe file to run the utility. Once inside, just select a drive and click Scan.

Copyright 1999, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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