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volume 12 number 4 april 2007 TipSheet

Welcome to the April issue of MicroMetric's TipSheet.

This monthly newsletter is targeted at addressing the needs of our customers.

This month we would like to show some of the new operating system Microsoft Vista! In this tip sheet you will find just some of the highlights of what is in Vista. To get more information please join us as we will be co-presenting with Microsoft on April 17th 2007 at the Microsoft TS2 event

Tip 585   Vista Features Category:   VISTA an eye on what�s important. Users can see the information they care about right away with Windows Sidebar, which brings real information such as weather and news directly to the desktop as easy-to-use programs called gadgets. On mobile PCs with exterior screens, Windows SideShow� technology, available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate, enables Windows Vista to extend information form the PC onto a wide range of devices.


Focus on tasks. Available in the Home Premium, Business and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista, the new Windows Aero� user experience provides a translucent computing surface. Graphics, pictures and other content spring to life on the glasslike windows, which also remove distracting on-screen clutter, making it easier to focus on information organized. Users can add personal �tags� to their files to make them easier to find. They can store, organize and retrieve information in ways that make the most sense to them � not just in traditional file folders

Finding stuff fast. Instant Search helps users locate any document, photo, e-mail message, song, video, file or program on their PC with ease. Live Icons, which display a thumbnail of the contents of each file, help users find what they are looking for at a glance. Windows Flip 3D, available in Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate, gives users a new way to find the window they want by quickly flipping through all open windows in a 3-D stacked view.

�Because everyone goofs sometimes. Have you ever accidentally overwritten, deleted, or failed to save a file you were working on? Shadow CopyD helps you protect your data from accidental loss by automatically creating daily "restore points" that capture older versions of your files as you work. Quickly and easily retrieve documents that you might have accidentally deleted�even if you've never backed up your files. against malware. Windows Defender monitors key system locations and watches for changes that signal the presence of malware or other unwanted applications. If a problem is detected, Windows Defender offers straightforward and thorough spyware removal tools to help return the user�s computer to normal.

Protection against phishing. Windows Vista helps block �phishing� Web sites that try to trick people into divulging personal information. The Microsoft Phishing Filter combines client-side scans for suspicious Web-site characteristics with an opt-in online service that is updated several times an hour with the latest industry information about fraudulent Web sites, enabling it to warn users about suspicious sites quickly.

Family Safety Settings. Windows Vista provides parents with a new level of control over their children�s computer use. If they choose to, parents can do the following:

         Set limits on what time of day and for how long children can use the computer

         Limit the Web sites that children can visit and the applications they can use

         Restrict PC games based on title, content or Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating

         Create reports that detail their children�s online activities and other computer use

Firewall Stand strong against hackers. The easy-to-use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security provides advanced protection to help shield you and your PC from malicious attacks.

Keep your info under lock and key using Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption. provides full-volume encryption and boot integrity checking to help ensure that the data on your compatible laptop PC stays confidential, even if it has been lost or stolen.

Stay connected wherever you go. When you're out and about, improved wireless networking in Windows Vista makes it simple to find and join a wireless network at work, at home, or at your favorite public hotspot�so you can surf the Internet, take care of business, or stay in touch wherever you go.

Access your desktop wherever you go with Remote Desktop. helps make it easier to more securely access documents and programs on your computer remotely from across your home network or across the Internet from another computer, enabling you to get work done wherever you have an Internet connection.

Making digital memories. In Windows Vista even nontechnical people can create digital memories by blending photos and home videos with music, titles and creative transitions. The new Windows Photo Gallery and an enhanced Windows Movie Maker make it easy to upload, fix and transfer photos and videos to DVD2 or a portable device for easy sharing. Security Protection in Windows Internet Explorer 7 helps protect your PC and your personal information when you're online. Internet Explorer 7 also includes many new features designed to help protect you against malware.

Because you're a multitasker. Like to follow cross-links and jump from website to website? Quick Tabs in Windows Internet Explorer 7 allows you to view thumbnail images of all of your open web pages at a glance.

Print what you see with Windows Internet Explorer 7 lets you print out exactly what you see on the web and reduces printing waste by automatically shrinking pages to fit your paper so images don't get cut out and by allowing you to print only selected text or pictures.

Get more out of the web. Tabbed Browsing in Windows Internet Explorer 7 enables you to simultaneously browse multiple pages on the Internet in one window.


Copyright 2007, MicroMetric, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Permission to copy in total, with this statement and copyright, is hereby granted.

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