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A Father-Son team now run MicroMetric, started in the late '80's. David Groome still continues to program and handle the accounting, while Kirk Groome, as VP Operations, is responsible for the technical and marketing areas.

david groome

David graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, in 1961. After graduation, he joined the Commissioned Officer's Corps of the US Public Health Service. After a summer training period in Radiological Health, he was stationed in Las Vegas, NV, and assigned to the group responsible for Off-Site Radiation Safety at the Nevada Test Site, during the period of heavy nuclear weapons testing in the early 60's. A promotion placed David in charge of test surveillance report writing, which included an exposure to computer programming on a early IBM 1620 computer.

His next assignment was on loan to the State of Colorado Public Health Department, where he worked for two years doing research in Whole Body Radiation Monitoring, a science of detection of extremely low levels of both naturally occurring and trace elements of radiation in a person's body.

Next was  a research position with the University of Colorado, Department of Nuclear Medicine. This position involved the use of computers in Nuclear Medicine as both a teaching and research tool. During this period he also attended Colorado State University, Fort Collins, studying for a Masters degree in Radiation Biology, where he completed the course work but not the dissertation.

Also during this period David started and operated DATAMETRICS, a data processing computer service company in Boulder, CO. During its ten years, from 1965 to 1976, the company grew to over twenty-five employees and built an 8000 square foot office building. It was later sold in the late 70's, as the miniaturization of computers allowed smaller companies to do much of their own computer processing.

After a short retirement,  David joined Com Dev, a small Florida telecommunication firm, in a regional sales position and relocated to Southern California, at Oxnard. A year and a half later the company was sold to General Dynamics, which already had its own sales force in place. Upon being offered a position as a product manager, he relocated to Sarasota, FL. This assignment was an interesting one, combining computer software expertise and marketing, and involved extensive foreign travel to countries such as Austria, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Venezuela. After leaving Com Dev, he consulted with Voice Technology Corporation in Atlanta, GA., and headed by a former supervisor. He joined the firm for a short period as Director of Customer Services, to assist in their reorganization.

Returning to Florida, he was kept busy by requests for computer assistance by both individuals and businesses and formed MicroMetric in 1988.

Initially doing all of the field and office work, David focuses his attention on administration, with some time spent on database programming and web site development.

David Groome

kirk groome

Growing up in Colorado, where he completed high school, In August of 1984 Kirk moved to Sarasota, FL to live with his father. After unsuccessfully trying to find a job in the drafting field, he went back to work at McDonald's.

After about a year working as a crew person, he was promoted into management. In 1986 he decided that it would be best to return to school, and enrolled at Manatee Community College. After graduating with an AA degree in 1989, Kirk spent the next two years obtaining his BS degree in business administration from the University Of South Florida.

In 1988 Kirk and his father formed MicroMetic, a company specializing in personal computer sales, service and software activities. When he was finished with his schooling, he left McDonald's and started working full time at MicroMetric.

Since joining the company full time in 1995, Kirk has gained experience and certifications in the Information Technology industry. He is currently Vice President of Operations.  

Kirk Groome