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local purchasing advantages

Some of the advantages of purchasing a computer server or workstation from a local vendor, rather than a mail order supplier, include:

  • On-site troubleshooting rather than having to do troubleshooting over the phone before someone is dispatched. Dispatch of service personal locally rather than from Tampa.

  • Availability of spares locally. With a variety of parts in stock for new systems, many times we are able to replace defective parts the same day, rather than having them shipped cross-country.

  • Support of servers as an entity, rather than as separate hardware, software, and network.

  • In general, local computer vendors have been rated the same or higher than mail order firms in the area of customer satisfaction for hardware sales and for service.

  • Saving on shipping - Florida law requires Sales Tax payment for either.

  • Most local vendors, along with MicroMetric, Inc., include system setup by a technician as part of the sales price.
  • notebook

    Four Acer models are offered, two in the Aspire line, and two in the higher end Ferrari line...

    A single Hewlett-Packard line, the 6515b, is offered with four different models.

    All notebooks feature the AMD Turion dual core processor.


    Five models are offered, the top four of which are designed and built in-house. All feature AMD processors, either single or dual core Athlon.


    Two in-house designed Servers are offered, one a desktop systems on steroids, the other a rugged and relaible system for tower or rack-mount featuring Supermicro case and motherboard. These systems feature AMD processors, with one or two processors, each with from one to four cores.