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MicroMetric, Inc. news

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new this month

  • Five Events have been added to MICRO_NOTES. They are:
    • 141 Notify of Sales Invoice
    • 142 Notify of Current AR Statement
    • 167 Notify of Statement
    • 168 Notify of Payment Due
    • 169 Notify of Payment Past Due

  • Response and Resolution is now being captured, and will be published monthly. See the section below for further details.

  • MicroMetric's 2009 RATES were published in the December TipSheet.
  • With few minor changes they will remain at the same levels as 2008. One exception is that Managed Services rates for New Clients only will increase ten percent (10%)

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response and resolution times

MicroMetric began to collect data to measure and report our response time to computer trouble reports during November. Beside Response time, Resolution time will also be reported. Beginning at the end of December, this information will be available to all clients via MICRO_NOTES.

For the first two months of 2008, our average response time to trouble calls via the Help Desk 1.82 hours and via a technician on-site was 4.61 hours. Our average resolution time was 9.04 hours (Client functionality was restored in 7.83 hours).

Full Response and Resolution Information 
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managed services

MicroMetric, Inc is now offering a range of Managed Services starting at the first of the New Year. Building on the  success of our Server Maintenance  during the last two years, the new services will include Workstations, Network Infrastructure, and Backup. As you might imagine, it's been quite a job, and we're still putting many finishing touches to the program. Initial information is now available, and more is coming.

customer secure area expansion

The Customer Secure Area has new content. The first addition is a report for Managed Services clients, Ticket Type Summary, showing the status of all Service Tickets opened during the month. Currently this report is updated at least weekly.

During the next several months we will be expanding on-line reports, to include details on all open Service Tickets, and update this information on a routine and frequent basis.

At the same time, we will be initiating an Email program to notify client Primary Contacts and Users of outstanding Service Ticket status changes.

Sample TicketTypeSummary Report 
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