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establishing a credit account

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MicroMetric clients may apply to charge service invoices and material invoices whose value is under $100. The procedure to apply is to complete MicroMetric, Inc. CREDIT AGREEMENT. NO CREDIT WILL BE EXTENDED TO ANY CLIENT THAT DOES NOT SIGN THIS GENERAL GUARANTY SECTION.

For clients that have established credit, MicroMetric invoices hardware and software at the time of purchase, and invoices services after they are performed. Hardware/software invoices over $100. in value must be paid for at the time of purchase.

All invoices are payable upon receipt and past due ten (10) days after the invoice date.

Invoices not paid within ten (10) days will receive a LATE FEE of five percent (5%), with a minimum LATE FEE charge of ten dollars ($10.00).

An eighteen (18) percent per annum finance charge will be made at the first of the month on each invoice whose age is greater than the thirty (30) day grace period. The Minimum Finance charge to be assessed per account per month is $10.00

Those customers who allow invoices to age to sixty (60) days will be placed on WORK HOLD. The WORK HOLD will remain in effect until all Past Due invoices (those whose age is greater than thirty (30) days), including those for Finance Charges, are paid and the account becomes current.

Customers who are late paying invoices twice in one calendar year, or those who twice allow any invoice to go unpaid for sixty (60) days in a calendar year shall be switched from a credit basis to cash only for a period of six months. Invoices that are disputed in writing within fifteen days of the invoice date shall be exempt from this policy.

Purchaser agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees. Statements for clients with outstanding balances, along with invoices for past due finance charges, are sent at the first of each month.