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current openings

We are currently interviewing for the following position - MicroMetric Computer Technician - Level I - Intern

Computer Technician I, full or part-time

job descriptions

Click below for the job descriptions of the various MicroMetric positions.

Computer Technician I - Intern
Computer Technician II - Trainee
Computer Technician III
Computer Technician IV - Senior/Network Specialist
Computer Technician V - Senior/Programmer
Computer Technician VI - Supervisor
Sales - Marketing II


This is an entry level position, normally filled on a part-time basis, by an individual who is in school, and wishes to gain actual job experience in the Information Technology field.

MicroMetric Computer Technician - Level I - Intern

submitting your resume

We will respond to all resume submission by the Application form Application form, and will have in-office interviews with all applicants who appear to meet the job requirements