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troubleshooting and repair

Many times trouble shooting and repair can be handled over the phone. If it is possible, we will walk you thought the procedures step by step to solve it.....


web site design

MicroMetric has been designing and developing Web Sites since the early nineties.


managed services

Managed Service allows you to select from a menu of Monitoring, Patching, Maintenance and Repair Services, both on and off site to: .

  • Obtain Fixed fee monthly maintenance to keep your equipment in top operating condition.
  • 24/7 monitoring to detect problems while they are small.
  • Get patches to the OS, AV, and BU software downloaded and applied automatically.
  • Receive unlimited remote diagnostics and/or on-site service for a low monthly fee.


First, the consultant should determine your computer systems needs. This is usually done by talking to you and the people in your organization. ....