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event 155 - Notify of open ticket.

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EVENT 155 - Notify of Open' Ticket.  This report is available on a continuous basis and consists of information on the creation of a new Service Ticket.

This Page is under development, and will be completed during the next several weeks.

Service Ticket(s) - New Ticket [155] ?
Ticket# Type Date System User Status Scope of Work Resolution
20-1730 Sales Invoice 7/12/2008 20 David Groome !APPROVED Test ticket for MICRO_NOTES Test Ticket

TITLE Event Title, {Event ID], ? The Event Title and Event ID are displayed, along with a "?", which contains a link to this Web Site Section.
Ticket # Ticket Number. This element is also a link to a PDF on our web site of a Draft of this Ticket
Type The Type of Ticket
Date Opening date of Open Tickets. Closing date for Closed Tickets
System System Number primarily associated with this ticket.
User Name of User associated with this system.
Status Current status of this ticket.
Scope of Work Description of the Scope of Work requested.
Resolution Resolution of the Scope of Work done.