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Q: What does a computer consultant do?

A: First, the consultant should determine your computer systems needs. This is usually done by talking to you and the people in your organization. We will also look how others in your industry are using computers. Next an evaluation, based on the consultants knowledge and research, should be done to determine different methods of satisfying your computer system needs.

Based on this evaluation the best two or three methods of solving your computer needs should be presented to you with the pros and cons of each method. You should decide the method that is best for you based on your own knowledge, and information given to you by the consultant. Once this decision has been made, a plan for implementation should be developed. This plan can include having the consultant be responsible for following through and implementing the plan.

Q: How will I benefit from having a computer consultant?

A: A computer consultant will help reduce the time and research involved in making a well-informed decision. This will allow you to make the best possible decision. A well developed plan will consider its effect on the organization by reducing the transitional impact of changing the work environment. Employees will then feel less of an impact and should not be threatened by the changing their work process.

Q: Can I afford a computer consultant?

A: Yes! Usually for a small business the actual amount of time spent evaluating and developing a computer system strategy is very small in relation to the actual implementation of that strategy. Also, by making a well informed decision, based on the information and experience of a computer consultant, you should save money on the overall project.

Q: So, this means it is cost effective to have a consultant?

A: By having better information and a clear strategy to start out, you will most likely save money over-all. Yes, it may cost you more at the beginning of the project, but a consultant can save you a lot of money over the length of the project. This savings will be the result of being more productive sooner and not having to stop and change strategies in the middle of the project.