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micro_notes overview

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Notification Of Ticket Events Status is designed to provide timely information to our clients, and their users,  about the status of work scheduling and its performance. MICRO_NOTES updates information on our Web Site for each client on a fixed schedule, and then sends a Email Notification to each affected user who has requested it on a schedule set by the user

Some of the Major Features of NOTES include:

  • Over 150 possible Events for Notifications, only a small portion of which are currently assigned. Additional Events will be added as they are implemented.

  • Each Event is assigned to one of four GROUPS, initially by default, but changeable by the Client's Primary Contact.
    These four GROUPS are:
    • USER

  • Seven possible schedules for each individual Notification. They are:
    • As occurs
    • Every 10 minutes
    • Every Hour
    • Every Day
    • Every Week
    • Every Month
    • Every Year

  • Up to seven schedules may be set for any single Notification. For example, an Event may be scheduled for Notification as it occurs, and at the end of the Day.

  • Some Events will result in a single Email Notification (such as Backup Monitoring Failed Backups), while most will be combined into a single Email Notification. Rather than getting, for example, three Emails at the end of the Day, you would receive only one, with info on all three Notifications..

  • The Notifications initially received by each user are set by the our Primary Contact with each Client. Our recommended Schedule is Daily, to allow the user to see what Notifications are available. At any time, the user can change the scheduled frequency of any Notification Event by following a link on the Notification Email to our web site, where they can Edit their Notification Schedule.

  • Service Tickets and Reports referenced in Notifications are located on our web site, and are not sent with the Emails, in order to decrease both transmission time and storage requirements of your Emails.