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managed services

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Managed Services Overview

There are two major methods of providing and pricing Computer Repairs. The one we have used for most of the last 20 years is usually referred to as the Break/Fix model.

About four years ago we began offering something different - a Proactive service, Server Maintenance. It was our first step toward the other model, known as Managed Services. In 2008, we began offering a range of Managed Services, and we have put together a short presentation to detail its features and benefits.

PDF Managed Services Presentation

Managed Services Case Study

This Case Study is about a fictitious company, ABCD, Inc., that represents several of our mid-range clients. We have prepared three different Managed Services plans for this company

PDF Managed Services Case Study

planned future service offerings

Based on our 2008 Managed Services results, We plan on expanding the offerings to include coverage of the hardware side of IT, including offerings that will refresh both servers and workstations on a fixed basis.

individual managed services components

MicroMetric, Inc. offers a full range of individual managed services with a variety of levels, designed to give the client exactly the the services needed to fit their budget.

Shown on the following pages are full details of each of these services.

Server Management
Workstation Management
Network Management
Remote Backup Management
Email Spam Management
Web Hosting Management

service agreement - discounted labor rates

The goal of the Service Agreement - Discounted Labor Rates is to provide MicroMetric, Inc. a steady revenue stream in return for which the clients earn a large discount for all of their labor usage. Discounts start at almost 1% for a monthly revenue commitment of $50.00 per month, and can increase to almost 20%!

Service Agreement - Discounted Labor Rates
Discounted Labor Rate Table

service agreement - managed services

Managed Services products are defined in a group of Agreements and Appendixes. For ease in looking up information in this set of documents, we have grouped them into a single PDF file, with an Index.

PDF Agreements