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third party contracting

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Third-Party contract work constitutes only a small fraction of our work, but it is an area of service that we offer. However, our experience has been that many many companies inquiring about our availability are not upfront about their policies, and just want some "Rush" work done, and "We'll take care of the paperwork later".

After doing work for several of these firms, and either being paid a fraction of the amount billed, not being paid until 90-150 days after the work is done, or not being paid at all, we have become more selective in what Third-Party work we perform.

Unless an agreement is reached on terms other than our normal ones, Third-Party charges will be our normal charges, with NO cash discount offered on Service Call Charge, Labor charges, or Material Charges. Payment must be made within thirty (30) days of invoice date. Past Due accounts will be placed on Work Hold, until payment of the outstanding account in full.

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