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MicroMetric Sales-Marketing Manager - Level II

Scope of Responsibility

The Sales - Marketing Manager II is responsible for the ongoing effort to create new customers for MicroMetric. The Sales - Marketing person will report to the VP of Operations.

Competence Required

Must be able to work independently to implement a variety of different sales strategies;

Must be able to work effectively as part of a team, communicate effectively within the company and with customers and prospects, as required;

Must demonstrate competency in and knowledge of specific technologies as required to fulfill the requirements of this position; and

Must be familiar with current and emerging information technologies as they relate to the needs our perspective Small and Medium Business customers.

Job Specific Components

The Sales - Marketing Manager II will perform such activities as necessary to fulfill the requirements of the position, including, but not limited to:

Will assist the marketing director in creating sales/marketing strategies;

Will be responsible for making in person sales calls to prospects;

Planning, coordinating, staffing trade show booths;

Sending out direct marketing literature and following up on those leads;

Going to networking events to make business contacts;

Following up on leads to complete the sales process;

Effectively use the marketing resources provided to generate new customers;

Work environment will be both at the customer’s site and at the MicroMetric office;

Must have reliable transportation, with valid driver license and insurance;

There will be times when work needs to be done after business hours; and

Learn to use MICRO, MicroMetric Integrated Customer Report Organization, to track your time, update customer information, and track sales leads;

Starting salary range for this position will be commission.