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web site design

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MicroMetric has been designing and developing Web Sites since the early nineties. Starting with straight HTML coding, we progressed through Microsoft Front Page and now use Microsoft Exoression Web, along with Expression Blend and ASP.NET.

Web Design Basic Package pricing makes the following assumptions:

  • The customer will define the web site outline, such as:
    • Home Page
    • About Us
    • Contacts
    • What we sell
    • ............

  • The customer will provide MicroMetric with the following material, which will be used to develop the web site:
    • Graphics, such as pictures, drawings, etc.
    • Maps
    • Text, such as sales lit, brochures, etc.
    • Contact Information

  • MicroMetric will develop the web site using Microsoft Expression Web with the following conditions:
    • Before work commences, an agreement will be submitted to the customer detailing the scope of work to be performed and must be accepted by the customer.
    • Style will be suggested by MicroMetric and approved by the customer.
    • Pages will be limited to two (2) screen heights, at a resolution of 1024x768.
    • Only standard features available in Expression Web will be included at the standard price. Any other features will be at an additional cost.
    • One round of proofs is included. Additional proofs will be at added cost.
    • A graphic or montage may be included in a header that appears on all pages.

Web Design Pricing

Design Home Page $145
Design Additional Pages $45 Ea
Graphics in excess of one (1) per page $25 Ea
Text in excess of two (2) screen heights per page $25 Ea
Drop Down menus $100 per site
Make page changes after initial setup Time & Materials
Obtain additional graphics, such as pictures Time & Materials