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micro_notes setup user responsibilities

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There is one step in the Notification process that is the responsibility of the Client User. The user may receive only Notifications for which they have authorization for, but the schedule of their receipt is set by the user, and they need only to log on the the web site at any time to change the selected schedule.

define your notification schedule

MICRO_NOTES is basically an opt-in Notification system, with the initial option of enabling one or more Event Notification being set so that the User is informed of the MICRO_NOTES system. After the user receives his User Name and Password for MICRO_NOTES, they are able to define which Events (if any) they want to receive Notification of and on what schedule they would like Notification of those Events to occur on.

By clicking on the arrow below, you will generate an edit form containing only the Notification Events that you are have been authorized for, and the current scheduled status of each event.

To receive Notification of any Event, check at least one of the seven scheduled choices. You will receive NO Notification which has no Scheduled boxes checked.

If you check multiple Schedule boxes for a given Event, you will receive multiple Notifications of that Event when it occurs.

For example, lets assume that you select Event 102, Notify of BAD Daily Backup Job Monitoring report, and you check the Hour and Daily check boxes. Let's further assume that the Backup Monitor Job run by the technician using MICRO is completed at 8:48AM. Let's further assume that at least one of the Backup for your account is Bad.

You will receive two identical Notifications, one shortly after 9:00AM and the other just after midnight, both Notifications containing identical information.

To Edit the Notification Schedule for any Event, first click on [Edit}, to the left of the desired Event.  Check and/or uncheck Schedule options as desired. When complete, click  [Update] or [Cancel] as desired.

Changes made may not be applied and take effect until the next day.

Define Your Notification Schedule 
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